Welcome to Quilting


I remember my first-time quilting, how everything was so new, but ever since then my quilts have been progressing. I’m not saying quilts are rocket science to make but you will need to know your way around a sewing machine. Quilting is a great hobby as there are so many different fabrics for so many different occasions and especially because they make great gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and even for Home Decor. Today I will talk you through a few tips for anyone looking at entering the quilting world!

Firstly, for all the beginners I would recommend starting with a small quilt, working at a very slow pace and taking breaks regularly, because in the beginning, you're bound to make a few errors. I've had several questions regarding creating large quilts. I always advise beginners to work their way up through smaller projects such as pillow cases or phone pouches to develop their sewing skills and gain an understanding of the material. However, once you feel ready to tackle a large quilt, theres a few simple things to remember.

Your sewing machine would need to be able to handle the weight and the size of the quilt (and if you have the space). If you’re 100% confident and want to try it for yourselves go for it everyone should try doing a large quilt, once you finish it is so satisfying. When doing a design on the quilt always do a simple and persistent pattern so you don’t need to turn the quilt too much. 


Most importantly don’t worry about your quilts being perfect just relax and make sure you have a full plan before you start.